Reedworks International  is a federally incorporated non-for-profit organization based in Canada. The organization takes its name from the principal plant found in most wetlands: the giant reed, of which the indigenous species to India is Phragmites karka. The purpose of the organization is to raise awareness about the services that wetlands, natural as well as artificially constructed, provide. Inherent to the physical and biological structure of wetlands is the ability to remove pollutants and pathogens from incoming water. In many regions human wastewater, agricultural effluent or industrial wastewaters are polluting adjacent waterbodies with high loads of Escherichia coli bacteria, nitrogen, phosphorus and various persistent organic compounds. Phytosanitation in the form of constructed treatment wetlands can provide a very effective and aesthetic means to clean wastewater. This process is also known as biological or phytological remediation. Reedworks international provides technical advise on the construction and maintenance of artificial wetlands. Related activities include ecosystem management and the rehabilitation of natural wetlands that have been degraded by human activity. Ultimately we hope to invite contemplation of thus created healthy and aesthetically appealing wetlands and to promote the physical and mental well being of those wishing to spend time near the wetlands.

Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment are aesthetic, robust and long-lasting systems which can be assembled in collaboration with the owners/community under the supervision of relevant authorities.


 REEDWORKS International
Engineering for phytosanitation
551 Chemin de l'Ascension, L'Ascension (Qc)
J0T 1W0, Canada

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