When Life Turns Turtle

FCN is proud to present recent work of one of the founding members, Raj Supe. 

Raj is able to accomplish a lot in this book, captivating story, fluent narrative and profound analysis of some fundamental predicaments in life through his beautifully chosen characters. Raj is a seeker and a prolific writer leading a simple and rich life on the banks of the river Ganga in the town of Rishikesh. His insights of life in Rishikesh, the place where major part of the story unfolds are vivid.  The main character, Indraneel a successful film maker from Mumbai arrives to seek solace in Rishikesh after an unsuccessful love affair. From an extremely busy show biz life, he suddenly finds himself in the slow and serene pace of life....the life goes turtle. Beauty and the sacredness of Ganga mesmerises him as he watches millions of ascetics, householders and overseas visitors frolicking from all over to its banks. The time for reflection amidst all this chaos, outside and inside; kick starts his journey of self inquiry. His meeting and budding friendship with Shamantak, owner of a bookshop takes him to some of the power haunts of the holy land both in places and people.

Indraneel continues to extend his stay in Rishikesh through the monsoon, the coming winter, spring and the whole year passes by. The changing hues of the sky and the river, the fast tempo of numerous events and discussions carries the reader on the roller coaster of constant curiosity. The biggest hook that sustains and deepens readers interest are several discussions ranging from the significance of several rituals, relevance of key messages from some cultural and spiritual texts of Hinduism, and the life of the ascetics living on the banks of Ganga. The big natural disaster of Kedarnath happens and the action shifts to Karma Yoga and its various dimensions. What keeps the reader breathlessly galloping through the 468 pages of book is this process of self discovery.

Only time will reveal how many lives are transformed by this brilliant work published by Platinum Press, an imprint of Leadstart Publishing in Spirituality-based fiction genre; and priced at Rupees 399.

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