Classical Dance Class for the kids at Majkhali!

Here is a text that Lakshmi wrote about her last visit to the Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature’s Headquarters, the Vrikshalaya centre, in Majkhali village, Uttrakhand, India.



It will always be a place for me that is green, literally and figuratively.

My memories are so pleasant and rich that green is the colour I associate with Majkhali in every way. Thanks to my friend Christoph Eberhard for the idea of hosting dance classes for the Village Kids and friends of the Foundation.

Thanks to Ajay Rastogi for being a source of moral support and inspiration.

The first two days I spent exploring the area and settling in. I had the image of teaching dance to the kids even before arriving at Majkhali. When Prachi casually asked me if I wanted to teach dance to the kids, I jumped at the opportunity.

Every morning, I looked forward to spending time with the kids and teaching them classical dance. Their faces lit up with the enthusiasm. What then happened was just an organic exchange of energy amongst us all.

This was one experience which really showed me that in giving you receive. I taught them dance. They taught me love, openness and joy.

It took some time for me absorb the idea that learning a classical art form was a big deal for most of the kids. I think I did a reasonable job as a teacher within the time. I do hope that it was enough to inspire the kids to carry on in the future, and I also look forward to coming back to magical Majkhali and teaching them again.

I will cherish all the letters they gave me and their words of love. I can still see their smiles engraved in my mind.