Majkhali Village Cleaning drive 2020!

Pick up trash people!

Many thanks go out to everyone over the last year who has made so much effort in getting together to clean up the discarded garbage in and around the village of Majkhali.

Ajay Prasad and Aditya Babbar especially are among those who have put in such a tremendous effort over the year to get everyone together- including the Majkhali school students who have volunteered their time and showed such enthusiasm in doing a lot of very hard work to keep our village clean for all of us.

They are all an inspiration for anyone that it is possible to get a few people together to make a real difference. This trash is literally poisoning our waterways and killing our wildlife, so this is really important work. It will not magically go away by itself.

If plastic had been invented 4 centuries ago, it is likely that it would still be around today. That is an incredible thought. Luckily plastic didn’t really take off until the 1950’s, so we only have a mere 9.2 billion tons of discarded plastic to deal with. It was only a few years ago that single-use plastic came onto the market and already we are drowning in it- and microplastic is found in every human, as it is in the food we eat and the clothes we wear.

How do you arrange a cleaning drive in your local area? Write a short letter of intent and get a partner like a local school to join you. Use social media to advertise your event and get local people to join. Make sure you have bags, gloves, masks and refreshments- or ask everyone to bring their own lunch and make it a fun day.

With heartfelt thanks to our community volunteers!