Pathways to Sustainable Development Student Program

Between May 11th and 20th, we hosted 15 participants of the NOLS Himalaya Culture Expedition. They experienced nature and culture in the village. A course module, Pathways to Sustainable Development, was designed, in association with the Jagriti Women Self Help Group in Malli Riuni village.

Two visitors per family share the home and assist in the kitchen, homestead, cowshed and farming. Practical work is complemented with sharing of deeper insights and experience by experts through a series of presentations, talks and walks.

There is a daily yoga practice offered by a certified yoga teacher following the Shivananda Yoga tradition. The program finishes with the Mindful Contemplation of Nature workshop which ties in the various threads explored during the stay. The overall theme of ‘interconnectedness and interdependence’ for resilience is experienced in several ways.