Celebrating Holi at the Vrikshalaya Centre

The festival of colors is celebrated in the Kumoan region for almost a month. It’s a tradition in some areas to hold devotional classical music sessions, referred to as Holi Baithaks. Every year, the Vrikshalaya Center holds a Holi Baithak for the local villagers.

Every year the foundation organizes a Holi ‘Baithak’ with prominent singers from the area. The Baithak songs in Holi mainly relate to Krishna and how he enjoyed Holi with friends. Up to 80 people enjoy the celebrations, and are polite enough to not throw color in inside the center!

The Baithaks are always followed by dinner for everyone.

Ajay Rastogi (left) with some guests.

Musicians arriving at the Center.

Kumaoni Music At Holi Baithak

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