Contemplating Food at the The Tasting India Symposium

Ajay Rastogi, founder and director of the Foundation and Vrikshalaya Center, recently attended the Tasting India Symposium in Delhi, as guest speaker and panel member.

Tasting India is a platform started by renowned food writer Sourish Bhattacharyya  and Sanjoo Malhotra who is based in India and Sweden.  Sourish and Sanjoo have been working hard since May 2015 to make Tasting India Symposium the most important forum to promote a better understanding of India’s diverse culinary heritage, food destinations and agricultural produce, and the sustainable diet options it can drive.

Tasting India Symposium in New Delhi brought together some of India’s brightest change-makers within food and sustainability. Ajay was able to network with change-makers and discuss principles of Resilience and how this shapes food culture- from production and distribution to food surplus.

Image shown here was taken at the Vedatya Institute in Gurgaon, South of Delhi. The Institute is a new type of culinary technical college with high ambitions – to provide the type of ‘holistic’ education within service and hospitality that is needed in today’s world.


Sanjoo walking the grounds of the Vedatya Institute, in front of the beginnings of an integrated organic farm.